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Media Release: 20 November 2007: Only the Democrats can win for the environment


Bring Back Balance

ACT Democrats 2007

Media Release 20 November 2007

Only the Democrats can win for the environment

“Immediate action is needed to decarbonise the economy, if we are to be serious about avoiding dangerous climate change” says Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill

Last weeks Walk Against Warming, held in major cities, has again highlighted the dangers of global warming. Tonight, Greens leader Bob Brown was interviewed on Lateline.

“The Greens position on climate change is questionable. I’m not sure that they can really be trusted. They have allied themselves very strongly with the pro-uranium, pro-coal, pro-pulp mill Labor Party. Only the Democrats can guarantee a non-aligned position and a genuinely independent position on climate change.” said Mr Churchill

“We’ve been warning about climate change for years. The environmental consequences predicted by the Democrats nearly 20 years ago are finally starting to be taken seriously.”

”Democrats actions which were seen as radical in the early 90s, such as enabling ethanol to be blended with petrol, are now very much the norm.  We’ve been winning victories for the environment for many years.  Things such as excise cuts for clean fuels, greenhouse abatement and vehicle conversion packages for alternative fuels. There have been many others.”

”We will make much more progress on these matters now too.  The environment is a mainstream concern now, just as we always said it should be.  The Democrats are Australia’s first environment party, and we will continue to take a strong stand on these matters.” declared Mr Churchill.

”The Democrats will introduce a raft of environmental legislation into the new parliament, such as emissions certificate trading, greenhouse reduction targets, transferring coal and gas subsidies to renewables, tax on coal exports, and remove regulatory barriers to renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

“Only the Democrats have the experience to convince the other parties to tackle climate change head-on. Our track record is proven. We are the negotiators”

“It’s high time for Australia to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and to show some leadership by pressing the USA and others to do likewise. We must take the initiative by leading by example with decisive action on climate change” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

0412 196 473

Australia’s First Environment Party


darrenwaw.jpgBring Back Balance

Australian Democrats

Media Release 11 November 2007

Australia’s First Environment Party

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill, used today’s Walk Against Warming rally in Civic to remind voters of the Democrats role as Australia’s first environment party.

Mr Churchill was handed a microphone as he joined protestors in leaving Ainslie Avenue, along London Circuit.

“The Australian Democrats were Australia’s first environment party. For thirty years, we’ve been speaking up on environmental issues and introducing environmentally supportive legislation!” stated an emphatic Mr Churchill. “The only way to ensure that continues is to vote 1 Churchill for Fraser, and for Norvan Vogt and Anthony David in the Senate.”

Significant environment victories for the Democrats have included the World Heritage Properties Protection Bill 1982, protection for Australia’s rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, removing tax deductions for destroying native trees, protection of environment and heritage sites, excise cuts for clean fuels, greenhouse abatement and vehicle conversion packages for alternative fuels. There have been many others.

A vegetarian, Mr Churchill today gave support to the Vegetarian Society’s call for “Diet Change for Climate Change.” “It’s important to think about how the way we live impacts on Global Warming. Looking at all aspects of our lifestyle, including diet, are part of that.” Mr Churchill said after the rally.

Immediately following the Walk against Warming, Mr Churchill made himself available at the Australian Democrats stall to meet voters and discuss the Democrats environment policies.

“The Democrats have always regarded environmental protection and sustainability as being an extremely important economic, moral and social issue. It’s all about getting the balance right between the environment, the economy and social justice”, declared Mr Churchill.

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

0412 196 473