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NBN is essential for small business but filter will ruin efficiency



Australian Democrats Senate candidate

Media Release: 18th August, 2010

NBN is essential for small business but filter will ruin efficiency

The Australian Democrats support the National Broadband Network (NBN) project and will support its ongoing rollout.

“We are disappointed that the Federal Government has done such a poor job in selling the idea to the public” said Anthony David, ACT Senate Candidate and Information Technology spokesman.

“Vague references to productivity, Smartgrid and universal access are not compelling arguments”

“The Coalition’s broadband plan would have been welcome if they had released it a decade ago. It will not provide for Australia’s future needs”

“The NBN is good for consumers, good for communities and good for business. It will reshape digital communications and how we interact as a nation”

“The Labor party need to drop the mandatory ISP filter as it runs counter to the efficacy of the NBN.” continued Mr David. “We also need assurances that the current broadband arrangement where the wholesaler of services competes directly with retailers has no chance of being entrenched in the new system”

“Remote communities and farmers need access to national and international information and services as much as those in urban communities”

“For over two decades, small and medium sized businesses in particular have been hampered by overpriced and under-performing wide-area digital communications. The Australian Democrats want to see reasonable prices for business plans with good upload bandwidth. This will enable efficient communications between businesses and their customers, their suppliers and their remote offices”.

In conclusion, Mr David said “Hand-in-hand with these new business opportunities is the need for capital markets in Australia to help fund innovative business ideas, including social enterpreneurs, enabled by this new technology”

Anthony David

Australian Democrats Senate candidate for the ACT

Tel: 0414 581 385

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