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Media Release: Wednesday, 26th September, 2012: Australian Democrats say: Expunge the criminal record of Sodomy

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Media Release: Wednesday, 26th September, 2012:

Australian Democrats say: Expunge the criminal record of Sodomy

State governments must act to redress a long-standing wrong and expunge the criminal records of men convicted of sodomy under previous, antiquated laws, say the Australian Democrats.

“The stigma of a criminal conviction continues to hang over the lives of these citizens, many of whom are now quite elderly,” Democrats’ National Campaign Director said today. “We have unfinished business to complete here.”

Federal law decriminalised homosexual acts between consenting adults in the ACT in 1973 and South Australia was the first state to decriminalise sex between consenting men in 1975; Tasmania the last in 1997.

The United Kingdom is expunging historic convictions for consensual gay sex with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which received Royal Assent on 1st May.

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“The Democrats’ position on this matter is driven by the essential principles of justice, equality and human rights.

“Australian states and territories have an obligation to further redeem the past wrongs imposed by bad laws and enforced by bigots by enacting new spent conviction legislation that erases the criminal record of gay men prior to the decriminalisation of homosexual conduct.

“We are all diminished by forcing many hundreds of gay men to carry this criminal record burden for activities that are now properly accepted as legal by society.” Mr Churchill concluded.

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Democrats release GLBTI action plan


MEDIA RELEASE: Election 2010: 9th August 2010

Democrats release GLBTI action plan

The Australian Democrats are proud and loud about releasing their action plan for GLBTI people.

Lead Senate candidate for the Democrats in NSW, Fiona Clancy, who is a lesbian, says that GLBTI people would have a real champion in parliament if they put us back in the Senate.

“My first step would be to introduce a human rights charter that enshrines the right of equality under the law for GLBTI people.

“While both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have baulked at recognising same sex marriage, with such a charter in place there would be no need to even have that argument” said Ms Clancy.

Tim Neal, the no.2 Senate candidate in Tasmania and a gay man, attacked laws that effectively entrench discrimination. “It is therefore not surprising to find that approximately 25% of gays aged between 16 and 24 will attempt suicide”.

Gay man, Mark Carey, and candidate for the seat Indi in Victoria, says the party believes it is important to develop a national health plan for GLBTI people.

“The health statistics show that same-sex attracted people are far more likely than heterosexuals to experience homelessness, use drugs, have chronic health conditions or experience depression.

Jen Mitchell, a lesbian and the no.2 Senate candidate in NSW says that the action plan is forward thinking in that it deals with GLBTI people and ageing issues.

“We want residential aged care facilities to recognise GLBTI people as a special needs group so that couples can share rooms together by right and not by fight” said Ms Mitchell.

“Three decades ago the Democrats began fighting in parliament for a fair go for GLBTI people, including the introduction of legislation for same sex marriage. We have a proud history and a strong belief that all Australians have a right to equality under the law,” said Ms Clancy.

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