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A speech by Darren Churchill, ACT Democrats president, at the Declaration of the Poll, ACT Legislative Assembly, 29 October 2008.


A speech by Darren Churchill, ACT Democrats president, at the Declaration of the Poll, ACT Legislative Assembly, 29 October 2008.

I’d like to thank Elections ACT for their professionalism, advice and assistance before and during the election period. And for their professional and proper conduct of the election. The respect and courtesy shown to our candidates is much appreciated, as is their commitment to the electoral process.

As you are well aware, my party faced some difficult obstacles to our participation in this year’s Election. The lack of a party column is what, I think, hurt us badly. We were ungrouped, so our vote reflected a typical ungrouped party’s vote.

It’s now time to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. As of midnight on Election night, we can re-register without any need to rename ourselves or become something we are not.

Despite the result, we did run good a campaign. We covered a lot of ground with a small and dedicated band of members and volunteers.

I am incredibly impressed at how good the media were (on the whole) to us. Minor parties often have trouble getting coverage. But we certainly got our share.

We raised good issues, pushed the Democrats message and were a part of the whole campaign. Even if our vote didn’t reflect the interest that was shown to us.

The final composition of the new assembly is now known. Congratulations to the parties elected and especially to the new members.

We don’t know which party it will be who forms the next government. No party will have a majority – and to that end we should be glad of the result, even though there will be no Democrats in this Assembly.

It’s time to move into the future now. There are a number of new opportunities to explore as I take my party, the Australian Democrats, into that future and embrace it and look forward with a positive focus and new energy as the great “progressive” party we are.

In four years time we intend contest the next election, from a position of greater strength. And further down the track, we will be able to look back and say: “We’re still going strong. And we still “keep the bastards honest!'”

My sincere thanks once again to everyone. And congratulations to the new MLAs.

Thank you.