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Media Release: 2nd August, 2010 Democrats ignored in Public Service debate



Australian Democrats Senate candidate

Media Release: 2nd August, 2010

Democrats ignored in Public Service debate

The Australian Democrats have described as “extremely disappointing” a failure to receive an invitation to an important election debate.

“We heard of the invitation, not from organisers (the CPSU), but from a member said Democrats Senate candidate, Darren Churchill.

“I contacted the organisers to see if our lack of an invitation was simply an oversight. It’s extremely disappointing, considering our great record on the Public Service.”

“We’ve always spoken out to protect and promote the value of the public sector. This has included:

· supporting a strong and independent of the Public Service;

· non-politicisation of the Public Service, with open advertisement of Public Service vacancies followed by a merit selection process and terms subject to public scrutiny;

· a fair system for all, with proper negotiation on employment condidtions; and

· an adequately resourced public service and the removal of the efficiency dividend.”

“If returned to the Senate, the Australian Democrats will:

· defend the public service from attacks from both sides of parliament;

and ensure employment based on merit;

· not support a return to Workchoices (we would have rejected it all if we had held the balance of power);

· ensure a strong accountability regime for public sector service delivery including performance standards;

· a liberal FOI regime and ready access to the Ombudsman scheme and for it to apply to corporatised and contracted out public services; and

· move for a referendum on S44(iv) of the Constitution – allowing public servants to stand for public office.”

“Our position is to address work-life balance, including the mental health of stressed and overworked employees through proper resourcing and support.

”We oppose Tony Abbott’s proposal to slash public service jobs and freeze hiring in an Australian Public Service already understaffed for the essential programs they are obligated to deliver.”

“The Rudd/Gillard idea of ‘Work harder not smarter.’ will also be opposed. Proper resourcing and the removal of the efficiency dividend are high on the Australian Democrats priorites” Mr Churchill emphatically concluded.

Mr Churchill will attend the debate as part of the audience. He will be available for doorstops interviews before and after the debate, outside the Griffin Centre.

ACT Senate debate

WHEN: Tuesday, 3 August at 12.15pm for a 12.30pm sharp start – concluding at 1.30pm

WHERE: Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street, Civic


Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats Senate candidate for the ACT

Tel: 0412 196 473