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How to Vote for Darren CHURCHILL in Fraser


Fraser HTV

As the elected member for FRASER I will:


As the elected member for FRASER I will:

· balance economic policy with social and environmental considerations. Good economic management is about getting the balance right. It’s a “triple bottom line;”

· maintain the traditional Democrats principle of supporting legislation that is fair and equitable and seek to amend and make fairer that which is not;

· ensure that whichever party forms the government, they are held accountable for their actions;

· support industries that create jobs and are kind to the environment, and not those that will make problems for future generations. NO uranium mining and NO nuclear reactors;

· introduce legislation to create a Sustainable Population portfolio and population advisory panel to deal with real long term investment in social, environmental and economic infrastructure including ecologically sustainable urban and water planning, renewable energy, better public transport, health services and regional development.

· encourage investment in sustainable agricultural practices and sensible rural water management;

· work to end the “War on Drugs” approach and introduce legislation to treat drug and alcohol addiction as health issues;

· vote with my conscience on all issues;

· bring a “balance of reason” to the House of Representatives.

Media Release: 17th August, 2013: Top Bloke in Fraser for Australian Democrats


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Media Release: 17th August, 2013:

Top Bloke in Fraser for Australian Democrats

The Australian Democrats in the ACT have announced their candidate for Fraser for the 2013 Federal election.

Darren Churchill is the party’s National President and has stood as a candidate for the ACT Legislative Assembly and for the Senate in 2010. Darren has lived most of his life in the Canberra region. He has worked as a secondary teacher, in the music industry as a casual relief teacher and occasional fitness instructor and as a consultant. Darren’s main policy interests are sustainability, drug law reform, food security, energy security and a sustainable population for the ACT and Australia, as well as policies that give ordinary people a “fair go.”

Darren was endorsed last year by an Australian Democrats members’ ballot for the Senate but made a strategic switch to Fraser in the last month.

“The Australian Democrats have 31 years of successful parliamentary experience to draw on. We are known for our ability to deliver stability for government, and to deliver positive results by negotiating to improve legislation.” Darren said. “If the people of Australia once again deliver a hung parliament, you the voter can ensure that I am there to guarantee better results using the Democrats ability to effectively use the crossbench for the greater good.”

I am contesting the election to fight for Sustainable Prosperity for Australia, which includes food and water security, energy security and a stable population size that gives us a sustainable and liveable Canberra and Australia. A vote to elect Churchill, will mean a greater of variety of views will represent Canberrans in the Federal parliament, providing a more representative outcome.” said Darren

Darren has drawn pole position on the ballot paper. “I’m at the top of the ballot paper, so people should think of me as a top bloke in Fraser and vote accordingly.” Darren concluded.

Darren Churchill

Tel: 0412 196 473


Darren July 2010

Darren Churchill

Candidate for Fraser (2013)

Darren Churchill, 48, has lived most of his life in the Canberra region. Originally from Goulburn, he now lives in Kaleen. Darren has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Newcastle and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Wollongong. He has taught in secondary schools in both NSW and the ACT.

Darren has also worked in the music industry doing sound and lighting, and in the early 1990s was a band manager. Currently, Darren works as a political and fitness consultant. As a Christian (Anglo-Catholic), he has strong views on human rights, equality, social justice and inclusiveness. In the long tradition of the Australian Democrats, he stands with the voiceless the marginalised and the oppressed in the fight for justice and equality.

Darren is greatly concerned about animal welfare and food labelling. He was active as a volunteer in the campaign to reinstate South Sydney Rabbitohs to the NRL, and was active in the Canberra Cosmos and Belconnen Blue Devils Supporters Groups. He supports the proposal for an A-League team for Canberra.

Darren has been outspoken on matters of privacy, civil liberties, drug law reform and sustainable population.

Darren stands for getting the balance right in legislative decisions. The result needs to be the right mix for the environment, the economy and social justice. He is a straight talker who represents the core Australian Democrats values of honesty, tolerance and compassion.

If elected, Darren will give: support for the construction of a Very Fast Train system to link Canberra to Sydney and Melbourne; support for low carbon energy sources to give us a clean reliable sustainable energy future, and support for increased investment in high tech export products from the ANU, the CSIRO and local manufacturers, to help give Australia an alternative to agriculture and mining exports. Darren will work to ensure Canberra and Australia’s population does not exceed the carrying capacity, recognising that strategies to manage population will require appropriate planning, proper consultation and a whole of government approach

Darren will bring the Australian Democrats’ 31 years of legislative experience to the House of Representatives, continue the same process of working for good legislative outcomes and offer practical, balanced solutions for Sustainable Prosperity.

Darren Churchill

Tel: 0412 196 473

MEDIA RELEASE: 23rd September, 2011: Other parties too afraid to take on controversial issues of limiting population growth and welcoming asylum seekers



National President

Tel: 0412 196 473

MEDIA RELEASE:   23rd September, 2011

Other parties too afraid to take on controversial issues of limiting population growth and welcoming asylum seekers

The Australian Democrats have launched a new campaign based on the need for limiting the growth of Australia’s population, while still meeting our international humanitarian obligations in regards to asylum seekers.

National President, Darren Churchill, in announcing the new campaign, called on other parties to stop ducking the issues when it comes to population limits.

“We know that some will accuse us of racism for recognising the environmental limits our continent imposes, but such detractors are wrong because we are simultaneously conducting a campaign in support of refugees. The two issues do not have to be in competition.

“To the contrary, we say that Australia can easily double its humanitarian intake if we are prepared to substantially cut back the numbers of business migrants entering the country. There are 1.5m unemployed or underemployed Australians, and they should instead be given the necessary training to allow them to fill job vacancies, for instance in the mining industry.

“With Labor and Liberal Parties playing variations on a theme of trying to avoid our asylum seekers obligations there is a great need for parliamentary representation from a party that wants to uphold those obligations but which recognises – unlike the Greens – that we can’t take all comers.

“However, as a nation we must also recognise that we cannot grow our population endlessly. Only 6% of Australian land is arable, and so much of that prime agricultural land is instead growing houses instead of crops or is being used to locate waste dumps, all as a consequence of population growth.

“The Australian Democrats is in the company of respected groups such as the Public Health Association and the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in calling for limits to population” said Mr Churchill.

The full “Sustainable Population” statement can be read at:

The “Compassion for Refugees” statement can be read at: