MEDIA RELEASE: 23rd September, 2011: Other parties too afraid to take on controversial issues of limiting population growth and welcoming asylum seekers


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MEDIA RELEASE:   23rd September, 2011

Other parties too afraid to take on controversial issues of limiting population growth and welcoming asylum seekers

The Australian Democrats have launched a new campaign based on the need for limiting the growth of Australia’s population, while still meeting our international humanitarian obligations in regards to asylum seekers.

National President, Darren Churchill, in announcing the new campaign, called on other parties to stop ducking the issues when it comes to population limits.

“We know that some will accuse us of racism for recognising the environmental limits our continent imposes, but such detractors are wrong because we are simultaneously conducting a campaign in support of refugees. The two issues do not have to be in competition.

“To the contrary, we say that Australia can easily double its humanitarian intake if we are prepared to substantially cut back the numbers of business migrants entering the country. There are 1.5m unemployed or underemployed Australians, and they should instead be given the necessary training to allow them to fill job vacancies, for instance in the mining industry.

“With Labor and Liberal Parties playing variations on a theme of trying to avoid our asylum seekers obligations there is a great need for parliamentary representation from a party that wants to uphold those obligations but which recognises – unlike the Greens – that we can’t take all comers.

“However, as a nation we must also recognise that we cannot grow our population endlessly. Only 6% of Australian land is arable, and so much of that prime agricultural land is instead growing houses instead of crops or is being used to locate waste dumps, all as a consequence of population growth.

“The Australian Democrats is in the company of respected groups such as the Public Health Association and the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in calling for limits to population” said Mr Churchill.

The full “Sustainable Population” statement can be read at:

The “Compassion for Refugees” statement can be read at:

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