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MEDIA RELEASE: 27th June, 2015: The world according to Tony: must we all have the same view?


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27th June, 2015

The world according to Tony: must we all have the same view?

In its desire to have a compliant Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s conservative government is beginning to resemble the Chinese communist party say the Australian Democrats.

The party’s national president, Darren Churchill, says that despite the ABC being deliberately set up in legislation to be independent and free from government interference, our Prime Minister wants to fashion it in his own image.

“This is just what totalitarian governments do, but surely Australians do not want to proceed down that path?

“When Tony Abbott says that heads in the ABC should roll it is clear that he would like to set himself up as judge, jury and executioner.

“Fortunately for Australian democracy, the ABC’s Charter requires it to present programs which reflect Australia’s cultural diversity which is what Q&A was doing on Monday night; the ABC is not required to act as a mouthpiece for the government of the day.

“Without truly independent media, how can governments be kept accountable, and without that accountability where is democracy?

“The ABC appears to be under sustained attack with the future of public broadcasting under threat. This must be resisted.

“The suggestion by members of the government that a rebroadcast of Q&A should have been censored is simply unacceptable in a society which values free speech.

“Only by listening to all points of view are we likely to come to informed decisions.

“Through comments in a speech made by its Managing Director, Mark Scott, ABC management has taken a strong stand against these attacks and the Australian Democrats commend him for this.

“Our ‘Aunty’ ABC is an independent entity, and long may she stay that way” said Mr Churchill.


National President, Australian Democrats

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