About Darren Churchill

Darren Churchill has lived most of his life in the Canberra region. Originally from Goulburn, he now lives in Kaleen. Mr Churchill has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Newcastle and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Wollongong. He has taught in secondary schools in both NSW and the ACT and is a registered relief teacher.

Mr Churchill has also worked in the music industry doing sound and lighting, and in the early 1990s was a band manager. Currently, Mr Churchill works part-time as a Boxfit instructor. As a Christian (Anglo-Catholic), Mr Churchill has strong views on human rights, equality, social justice and inclusiveness. In the long tradition of the Australian Democrats, he stands with the voiceless the marginalised and the oppressed in the fight for justice and equality.

Mr Churchill is a vegetarian and is greatly concerned about animal welfare and labelling of food. He was active as a volunteer in the campaign to reinstate South Sydney Rabbitohs to the NRL, and was active in the Canberra Cosmos and Belconnen Blue Devils Supporters Groups.

Now, more than ever, a strong voice of the progressive centre is needed in ACT politics. Someone who will fight for what is right and provide a balanced approach in the Assembly.

The Australian Democrats are a party that does offer balance and sensible approach, and isn’t answerable to the interest groups of big business, big unions or other powerful lobbyists with a particular agenda. The ACT Democrats have always taken a fair, even-handed approach on legislation. We support a fairer community and a sustainable ACT.

Majority government is hurting the ACT, with poor decisions, divisive politics and an undemocratic attitude. The Labor Party has the dilemma of satisfying it’s factions ahead of the territory interest and is hell-bent on power at any cost. The LIberals are factionalsised and disunited. The Greens focus on the environment but at the expense of sensible economic management for the Territory. The minor parties offer only limited focus, single issues and self-interest. Only the ACT Democrats can offer the safe pair of hands providing a balance of social justice, environmental responsibility and economic management in a sustainable Canberra.

The people of Canberra are rightly suspicious of the Stanhope government’s willingness to play politics with human rights.. They are rightly suspicious of a government which has changed the Electoral Act to suit themselves and prohibit democratic groupings.

The people of Canberra are rightly suspicious of a disorganised and factionalised Liberal opposition. They are rightly suspicious of a hotch-potch of diametrically opposed single interest groups banding together to call themselves an Alliance. And the single issue parties do not have the broad focus to be an effective voice for Canberrans.

Only the Australian Democrats (with our 31 years of experience) offer practical, balanced solutions from the progressive centre. Our record in the old House of Assembly and in the Legislative Assembly speaks for itself. We will “Keep the Bastards Honest” whoever forms the next government of the ACT. The ACT Democrats and I offer fair representation in the Assembly and the opportunity to participate in an inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically responsible Canberra.

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