Media Release: Tuesday, 11th December: Backyard cricket rules

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Media Release: Tuesday, 11th December

Backyard cricket rules

If Don Chipp was alive, the current group which has taken control of the Australian Democrats would expel him if he got in their way, says the most senior member of the party, the Senior Deputy National President, Darren Churchill.

Mr Churchill was responding to a statement from that group that they have expelled retired South Australian Democrats MP, Sandra Kanck.

“This group of just seven people is removing anyone who stands up to them and this includes former National Secretaries and Presidents.

“Like kids playing backyard cricket, they make up the rules along the way, and ignore the rules that do exist as it suits them.

The group targeted Ms Kanck because she belongs to environmental lobby group, Sustainable Population Australia.

When former Senator, Brian Greig, resigned as Democrats’ National President in August (only three weeks after being elected) a faction claiming loyalty to him, led by solicitor and migration agent, John Davey, proclaimed itself to be running the party and set about passing a series of unconstitutional motions to expel or suspend anyone who didn’t fit into their agenda.

“There are processes to be followed and this business will ultimately be sorted out constitutionally and democratically, and not by who controls the numbers” said Mr Churchill.

“Davey is not a spokesperson for the party – he has not been approved by our proper procedures and processes. The only constitutionally authorised person to speak to the media on National Executive matters is the National President. As that position is currently being decided, the locum tenens (or place-holder) is the Senior Deputy National President, which position I hold.

“Bullying is the only word to describe the deliberate targeting of one of our longest-serving MPs and her husband. Other party members who are also members of Sustainable Population Australia have not had this action taken against them.

“The actions of this small faction are as abhorrent to me as any right-minded person. Sandra Kanck remains a party member and has wide respect amongst the broader membership.

“A ballot is in process to choose a new President, and by the end of this month sanity will be on the way to being restored” Mr Churchill concluded.


Party objective no.2. To accept the challenges of the predicament of humanity on the planet with its exponentially increasing population, disappearing finite resources and accelerating deterioration of the environment



Senior Deputy National President

Tel: 0412 196 473

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