Media Release: 3rd January, 2013: Democrats Announce New National President


Media Release: 3rd January, 2013

Democrats Announce New National President

The Australian Democrats have concluded their ballot for a National President.

2011/12 National President, Darren Churchill, was re-elected to fill the vacancy created by the surprise resignation of Brian Greig shortly after his election. Mr Churchill, elected as Senior Deputy National President in July, had been the locum tenens in the absence of a President, following Greig’s resignation.

The new Senior Deputy National President (elected on a countback) is Roger Howe, who is also the Acting National Secretary.

The National President chairs the National Executive; sets the general agenda and direction of the organisation; is responsible for the overall supervision of the activities of the Party organisation; and is the party’s main spokesperson in the absence of a Parliamentary Leader, between election campaigns.

The National President is elected for a one-year term (coinciding with the financial year) by a national ballot of all members after members have had a chance to ask questions via the party’s official newsletter.

Acknowledging that the Democrats ground to a halt following factional infighting which arose as a result of Greig’s resignation, Mr Churchill says the party now has the task of consolidating and preparing for the forthcoming federal election.

“We have a big task ahead preparing for the federal election – fielding candidates, introducing them to the electorate and campaigning on our distinct policy agenda,” Mr Churchill said.

“I welcome the challenge. I’ve now got the endorsement of the membership, which is very important. I believe I have the right experience and the members have supported me because of this. I also know I have a good team of people working with me to get things back on track.” Mr Churchill concluded.

Media Contacts:

Darren Churchill

National President, Australian Democrats

0412 196 473

Roger Howe

Acting National Secretary, Australian Democrats

0431 527 845

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