Post Election Thanks:

Post Election Thanks:

Many thanks to the people of GINNINDERRA who voted for me and to those who wished me well.

Many thanks also to my supporters and helpers, both members of the Australian Democrats,  family and others.

It’s never easy to contest an election from the Ungrouped column, without a registered party name. However, we gave it a shot and kept the name out there.


My result was typically what you might expect from an Ungrouped candidate. The lack of a party column meant no  real party vote – and that makes it difficult from the outset.

Thanks again for your effort and support and the faith of those who voted for me.

Darren Churchill

(The ACT Electoral Commissioner,  Phil Green, officially declared the results of the 2012 ACT Election at 11.00am this morning, in the Reception Room at the Legislative Assembly.)

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