MEDIA RELEASE: Election 2010: Friday, 30th July 2010

MEDIA RELEASE: Election 2010: Friday, 30th July 2010

Jeanie Walker – National spokesperson

Womens’ policy: where are the other parties?

The Australian Democrats are advancing plans for women that go well beyond the debate over the past day or so over who said what about paid parental leave.

The party’s principal Senate candidate, Jeanie Walker of South Australia, has released her party’s plans in relation to important policies on domestic violence, work-life balance, health and equal pay.

“But I wonder where the major parties are on these issues.

“It’s sad that we still have to talk about equal pay: after all these years of striving for equality, on average women in Australia still earn 10% less than men.

“Because of that pay gap, and because family responsibilities take women out of the workforce and superannuation, the Democrats when returned to parliament, will introduce a Work and Family Act.

“We want parents to have the right to flexible working hours, and the right to return to work part-time. More accessible child care is needed, especially for the under-twos.

“Too many women with children are forced to flee the family home because of partner violence and the Democrats are calling for more housing options and better legal and service responses.

“Our health system does not appear to recognise that women are 2-3 times more likely to suffer depression than men, particularly as an increasing number are experiencing the triple whammy of running their own homes, holding down a job and looking after ageing parents or caring for grandchildren.

“We’ve come a long way baby, as they said in the 70s, but we still haven’t got there yet” said Ms Walker.

Further comment:

Jeanie Walker ph. 0427 076336

Darren Churchill ph. 0412 196 473

(Full copies of the Democrats’ action plans for the Status of Women and Women’s Health are available on request)

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