Media Release: 31st July, 2010: Democrats bold move on preferences


Australian Democrats Senate candidate

Media Release: 31st July, 2010

Democrats bold move on preferences

In a bold move that is likely to raise some eyebrows, the Australian Democrats will preference the Liberal Party for the Senate in the ACT.

“We have to act in the interests of Canberra and in the national interest!” announced Democrats Senate candidate, Darren Churchill.

“Canberra is taken for granted with two safe Labor seats in the House. Kate Lundy is likely to easily achieve a quota. Adding a Green to the mix would tip the balance too far towards the Labor/Greens alliance.

“Whilst I believe The ACT and Jervis Bay Territory would be best served by electing me as an Australian Democrat” said Mr Churchill. “Should that not come about, we need to balance things out another way.”

“The thought of a possible Tony Abbott Liberal government with a bunch of conservative nodding dogs in the Party Room is a little too scary to contemplate. Gary Humphries is at least a small “l” Liberal who could be a much-needed hand of restraint on Mr Abbott’s shoulder. He has demonstrated this in his preparedness to cross the floor in the interests of the ACT and his call for electoral reform to improve our democracy.”

“The Australian Democrats pride ourselves on not being beholden to any one interest group or ideology,” continued Mr Churchill. “As the voice of the progressive centre, we have some things in common with all the other main parties. Unfortunately, we all too often get perceived as simply a vote channelling exercise for the Greens.”

“The Australian Democrats have entered into a variety of preference arrangements across Australia. This clearly differentiates us from the Greens who are all too ready to only accept preference deals with Labor.”

“In this, like all decisions we make, we have considered the interests of the ACT and acted on the merits of the individual case” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats Senate candidate for the ACT

Tel: 0412 196 473

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