Labor clueless, Libs plain mischievous, and Greens bleeding hearts on population and asylum seekers

MEDIA RELEASE: Election 2010: Sunday, 1st August, 2010

Labor clueless, Libs plain mischievous, and Greens bleeding hearts on population and asylum seekers

The contenders for government and the contenders for balance of power in this election all fail on their policies relating to population and asylum seekers says the Australian Democrats’ lead Senate candidate in the ACT, Darren Churchill

“The ALP is playing games on the issue, giving the electorate the impression they understand their concerns but then refusing to address the issue of immigration numbers.

“The Liberals appear to have recognised public concerns in undertaking to reduce population, but are playing the race card by linking the very small numbers of so-called boat people to the reduction in immigration.

“And meanwhile the Greens seem to think that Australia can solve the world’s refugee problems with a welcome to anyone who wants to come, belieing any claim they might have to understanding environmental constraints.

“By contrast the Australian Democrats recognise that immigration substantially contributes to our population numbers and impacts on our environment.

“Last year’s 2.1% annual population growth rate was ahead even of countries like Indonesia, and two-thirds of that growth came from immigration.

“Australia must consider the environmental limits – low rainfall, increasing temperatures due to climate change, and infertile soils – when determining the right number of people this land can support.

“Unlike the Greens, we know that we cannot solve the world’s refugee problems, but by reducing overall immigration numbers we would be in a much better position to meet our humanitarian obligations for what is really a small number of asylum seekers.

“Julia Gillard does not want the baby bonus to be repealed or pared back, nor does she want immigration to be discussed, so she is not real in saying she does not want a big Australia.

“Australians really deserve better than what Labor, Liberal and the Greens have to offer,” said Mr Churchill

Further comment: Darren Churchill, Ph: 0412 196 473

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