Media Release: 19th August, 2009: Policy Resolutions from the ACT Democrats Annual Conference 2009

ACT Democrats President

Media Release: 19th August, 2009:

Policy Resolutions from the ACT Democrats Annual Conference 2009

“As part of the Australian Democrats national Rebuilding Strategy, the ACT Democrats 2009 Annual Conference was used as a “Setting Directions” forum,” said newly re-elected ACT Democrats President, Darren Churchill.

“We reviewed many party principles and policy directions and members moved and passed the following motions, among others, as a renewal of policy position,” Mr Churchill announced.

The following selection indicates the breadth and depth of the issues covered;


The ACT Democrats believe the ACT government has a responsibility to ensure the availability of suburban GP practices and should provide assistance for small, local suburban clinics.


The ACT Democrats support the concept of local access to primary schools and in particular supports the reopening of the Hall and Tharwa primary schools.


The ACT Democrats support the ACT Government proposal for solar electric generation facilities in the ACT. It is imperative that we take a strategic approach to significantly and sustainably reducing the ACT’s carbon footprint.


The ACT Democrats believe that the new Molonglo residential area must have health, education and public transport facilities equitably developed as the town grows, not years afterwards as happened in Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.

Electoral reform

The ACT Democrats support proportional representation, accountability and diversity in politics. We propose having 5 ACT electorates of 5 members each. We want to reduce the required membership for party registration from 100 to 50. We support the introduction of legislation to prevent the use of public money on government political advertising. We support the introduction of voluntary voting for those aged 16 and 17 years old.

Population policy

The ACT Democrats believe the ACT region does not have the resources, such as water, to grow indefinitely. We propose setting up a consultative body to collect scientific and community views so that future governments can plan to stay within our sustainable environmental limits.

Anti-Gangs legislation

The ACT Democrats oppose the introduction of anti-bikie laws. Instead we support the use of existing laws to fight organised crime, a greater community police presence and the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption & Crime.

Internet filtering

The ACT Democrats oppose any moves to introduce mandatory Internet Censorship. We advocate voluntary parental or school filter and greater community education.

Supporting the community sector

The ACT Democrats believe that a vibrant, well-resourced community service sector is an essential part of supporting the most vulnerable people in our community, and that the government should actively increase funding and capability to ensure that the sector is not only viable, but increasingly effective and integrated.

“These policy positions reaffirm the principles of accountability, sensible economic management, social justice and environmental sustainability we took into last years ACT Election. The very same principles which continue to guide the ACT Democrats” Mr Churchill continued.

As the Australian Democrats continue to rebuild both nationally and in the ACT, the ACT Democrats have again shown we are prepared to continue to strive for political freedom, social justice and democracy, Mr Churchill concluded.


Darren Churchill

ACT Democrats President

Tel: 0412 196 473


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