Media Release: 31 July, 2009: Equal Rights for Gay Couples say Democrats



ACT Democrats President

Media Release: 31 July, 2009:

Equal Rights for Gay Couples say Democrats

“It’s time to end the discrimination against gay couples” says ACT Democrats president, Darren Churchill

This Saturday will see a series of national rallies and marches in the National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage.

“The Democrats believe people in same sex relationships should not be discriminated against because of their sexual preference.”

The Democrats introduced a Private Member’s Bill, the “Same Sex Marriages Bill 2006″  into Federal Parliament in June 2006.  The Bill aimed to reverse the changes that were made in the Marriage Amendment Act 2004, which redefined marriage as a union entered into by one man and one woman only. This effectively stopped the ability of the courts to recognise marriages between two people of the same sex, particularly in cases where a legalised marriage had taken place in another country. The bill called for the use of gender neutral language in the Marriage Act, and include a “to avoid doubt” clause, stating that nothing in the Act should be interpreted as preventing same sex marriages.

Legalising same sex unions at a Federal level and removing this form of discrimination against people in same sex relationships will give them the same status and recognition as people in heterosexual marriages or defacto relationships. “It’s time we took that step.” said Mr Churchill

“The Democrats plan to continue to fight this discrimination. Recognition of same sex unions at a federal level will be an important first step in eradicating intolerance towards people in same sex partnerships.”

“I call on the federal government to commit to redressing the laws which discriminate against same-sex couples, and to recognise that all Australians are equal.”

“It doesn’t matter whether a person is gay, straight or whatever. We are all human beings. And in sharing a common humanity, in the name of love, all people have a right to be treated with dignity, respect and equality under the law.”

“Other countries have already taken this important step. It’s time for us to do the same. Let’s move out of this moral shadow-land.” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill

ACT Democrats President

Tel: 0412 196 473

One Response to “Media Release: 31 July, 2009: Equal Rights for Gay Couples say Democrats”

  1. Warren Smith Says:

    A big thank you Darren, and the Democrats for keeping up the fight for our rights to be accepted as equals. Typical of hypocritical governments to say we are all equal in this country. Yes, this is true when it comes to paying taxes,and trying to get our votes.But when it comes to having equal rights regarding what happens when a beloved partner is sick or has died, we are not considered to be kin, so therefore our rights to property or decision making about whether life support should be turned off still falls in the hands of immediate family and often the gay partner is ostricised and left with nothing.

    Wake up Kevin and everyone else. You were voted in to Government in the hope that we would have the same equal legal rights as our straight counterparts. Sadly we have been left out in the cold again. Shame on you Mr. Rudd.

    We did not choose to be gay. We are what we are. Just as we cannot choose what colour our eyes or hair are when we are born. We are born this way.

    Darren, I personally thank you and the Democrats for fighting the fight that should not be fought in 2009. Keep up the great work.

    Thank you.



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