Middle-East Madness

An opinion piece:

The Federal Government must strongly condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza.
It seems unusual that all acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard has done is call on both Israel and Hamas to reinstate their truce.  Israel’s attack on Gaza is a blatant act of aggression and shows incredible disregard for human rights.
South Australian Democrats MP,  Sandra Kanck, has stated ““Shelling mosques, hospitals and universities is simply not kosher and Australia should be firmly stating that to Israel.”  I agree totally.
Surely, some leadership can be shown from our Federal government on this issue.  Australia must stand up for human rights.  We must stand up for humanity, justice and truth.
The targets have been civilian targets, including police.  I realise that Israel has issues with Hamas and feels they have a right to defend themselves.  But this is not defence of Israel.  It is an offensive and an attack on civilians in Gaza.
Palestinians are just as much a part of humanity as Israelis.  Surely, there are people on both sides who are prepared to say “Enough is enough – STOP!”
The late Don Chipp, who had visited the region on a number of occasions, referred to being able to “smell and taste the hatred that exists between Jew and Arab.”  Are these people really so unable to recognise the humanity of the other side?
Chipp had also described war as “the ultimate obscenity.”  I totally agree

We need leaders who can strive for peace.  Israel, Palestine and America must find a way to sit down together as Egypt, Israel and America once did.

Australia too must show some leadership on this issue.

Darren Churchill

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