Rallies Against Internet Censorship – 13 December 2008

Just over two and a half weeks ago, I attended the “Sydney Town Hall Protest to Stop Internet Censorship & Filtering.”  It was good to hear speakers such as the Eros Association’s Fiona Patten and people from the Digital Liberty Coalition.  The event was interesting and drew quite a bit of media attention.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be in two places at once.  So, I was unable to physically attend the “Stop the Clean Feed – Canberra Rally” being held for the same purpose, in City Walk.

I requested to the organisers that a brief statement from me be read at the Canberra rally.  It was read by Nathanael Boehm.  My thanks to him.

( Photo and further information can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/allyeska/3103800739/ )

My statement read as follows:

“I believe censorship is evil. The idea of censorship is abhorrent to anybody who believes in basic freedoms. It is far too easy for censorship to become a tool of control by totalitarian governments.

There is only one exception and that is the protection of children from excessive violence, child pornography and things that incite racial hatred and violence.

You cannot legislate morality. It is the right of every adult to decide for themselves what they can and cannot view.

Parents and schools should have access to a system of filtering to protect children at their discretion. But there should be no mandatory censorship.

It is the right and responsibility of all individuals, especially parents, to determine for themselves and their families what is acceptable. It is not appropriate for governments to adopt the role of “Big Brother” in protecting the community from some known or unknown danger as determined by those governments.”

Darren Churchill

President, Australian Democrats (ACT Division)

NathanaelComments from members of the ACT Democrats attending the rally said it went well.

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