MEDIA RELEASE: 16th December, 2013: Congratulations Natasha Stott Despoja!


MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Democrats: 16th December, 2013

Congratulations Natasha Stott Despoja!

The Australian Democrats are delighted with the news that their former leader, Natasha Stott Despoja, has been appointed to the position of Ambassador for Women and Children.

Party President, Darren Churchill, says that Ms Stott Despoja has a fine record on such issues which she built up in her time as a Democrats’ Senator.

“Her first statements about Nauru and not being afraid to advocate to the Minister about pregnant women being detained is a great start to the job.

“There are crucial issues to be tackled in this job, not least of all that being the provision of contraception in developing nations, and we look forward to hearing her advocacy on this issue.

“Her brief is wide, covering the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, so she will have her job cut out for her with other major issues such as gendercide, sexual assault and that of child brides.

“But we know that Natasha will be up to the job,” said Mr Churchill.

Further information:

Darren Churchill

National President

0412 196 473

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