As an elected member for GINNINDERRA I will:

As an elected member for GINNINDERRA I will:

  • balance economic policy with social and environmental considerations. Good economic management is about getting the balance right.  It’s a “triple bottom line;”
  • bring a “balance of reason” to the Assembly;
  • vote with my conscience on all issues;
  • introduce legislation to create a Sustainable Population portfolio and population advisory panel to deal with real long term investment in social, environmental and economic infrastructure including ecologically sustainable urban and water planning, renewable energy, better public transport, health services and regional development.
  • act to implement planning authorities that people can have confidence in; and stop “opportunistic profiteering”;
  • maintain the traditional Democrats principle of supporting legislation that is fair and equitable and seek to amend and make fairer that which is not (sensible negotiation);
  • work to end the “War on Drugs” approach and introduce legislation to treat drug and alcohol addiction as health issues; including supporting the Needle and Syringe programe in the Alexander maconachie Centre;  and opposing the expansion of random Roadside Drug Testing;
  • Work to build an overarching transport plan that includes a comprehensive bus service with late-night and weekend coverage to get you where you want, when you want and integrates a light rail network;
  • ensure that whichever party forms the government, they are held accountable for their actions; and
  • work to return fairness to the ACT’s electoral laws.

Darren Churchill

(Australian Democrats endorsed) Independent candidate for Ginninderra

0412 196 473

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