Media Release: 14th September 2012: ACT Democrats announce 2012 candidate for Ginninderra

ACT Democrats 2012

Media Release: 14th September 2012

ACT Democrats announce 2012 candidate for Ginninderra

The Australian Democrats (ACT Division) today announced they will stand a candidate in Ginninderra in next month’s ACT Election.

The federally registered party will contest the election in the Ungrouped column, as it is not registered in the ACT and 2008 changes to the ACT Electoral Act prevent like-minded candidates joining together as a group.

The candidate for Ginninderra is Darren Churchill. Darren is President of the ACT Democrats and stood as a candidate for the Senate in 2010 federal election; for Ginninderra in the 2008 ACT Legislative Assembly elections and for the seat of Fraser in the 2007 federal election. He has lived most of his life in the Canberra region. He has worked as a secondary teacher, in the music industry, as a casual relief teacher and occasional fitness instructor. Darren’s main policy interests are better public transport, drug law reform, sustainable population, civil liberties, and policies that give ordinary Canberran a “fair go.”

Darren was endorsed earlier this year by an Australian Democrats members’ ballot. However, on the ballot paper he will appear in the Ungrouped column as an Independent.

The ACT Democrats first became active in Canberra politics in the ACT’s old House of Assembly, with Gordon Walsh and Ivor Vivian being strong advocates of ACT Self-Government from 1979 to 1985. The Democrats have contested every election since self-government, with Roslyn Dundas elected as member for Ginninderra from 2001 to 2004.

“The Democrats have 31 years of parliamentary experience to draw on. We are the natural party of the crossbenches, the negotiators. I am contesting the election to make sure whoever forms government is accountable; to make sure the promised needle and syringe program for the Alexander Maconachie Centre goes ahead; to fight for a stable population size that gives us a sustainable and liveable Canberra; and to work for electoral reform to enable a greater of variety of views to be represented in ACT elections.” said Darren

“Whilst being an Independent Democrat is somewhat more difficult than if the party was registered for local elections, I’m here to give the voters choice and I’ll be giving it my best shot to represent the people of Ginninderra and the wider ACT community.

Darren Churchill

(Australian Democrats endorsed) Independent Candidate for Ginninderra

Tel: 0412 196 473

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