Media Release: 27th February, 2012: Democrats the beneficiary of Labor infighting


National President

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27th February, 2012: Democrats the beneficiary of Labor infighting

No matter the public protestations, everyone knows that the ALP is a house divided, and the Australian Democrats say they will be the beneficiaries come the next Federal election.

National President, Darren Churchill, says that the Democrats have been on the receiving end of numerous comments in the last week from members of the public telling us that, in the light of the Labor Party’s internal divisions, they want us back.

“With all the quotable quotes made during this round of leadership turmoil, the ALP has written the Liberal Party’s election advertising.

“Labor’s infighting has guaranteed that they cannot be re-elected in 2013, no matter who their leader is at that time.

“The thinking, small-l liberal voter will find themselves unable to vote for the Labor Party, but nor will they be able to countenance a Tony Abbott government.

“With the left-leaning Greens not an alternative for those voters, the Democrats are back in the picture.

“We anticipate a substantial increase in our vote as a consequence, and we will be working to again get the voice of reason back into the parliament” said Mr Churchill.

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