As the elected Senator for the ACT I will:

As the elected Senator for the ACT I will:

· balance economic policy with social and environmental considerations. Good economic management is about getting the balance right. It’s a “triple bottom line;”

· return a “balance of reason” to the Senate;

· vote with my conscience on all issues;

· support human rights, civil liberties and privacy;

· fairly represent the interests of all people in the Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay Territory, regardless of race, gender, religion or place of origin;

· maintain the traditional Australian Democrats principle of supporting legislation that is fair and equitable and seek to amend and make fairer that which is not (sensible negotiation);

· ensure that whichever party forms the government, they are held accountable for their actions;

· support industries that create jobs and are kind to the environment, and not those that will make problems for future generations. NO uranium mining and NO nuclear reactors;

· encourage investment in sustainable agricultural practices and sensible rural water management.

· encourage sensible use and management of urban water;

· encourage and support environmentally sustainable practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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