Climate change – Nuclear power still not a solution

MEDIA RELEASE: Election 2010: Saturday, 14th August 2010

Climate change – Nuclear power still not a solution

Nuclear power still costs the earth and is not a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions say the Australian Democrats.

The Australian Democrats’ lead candidate in the ACT, Darren Churchill, who will be attending the Walk for Warming rally at Parliament House tomorrow, says that only genuine ecologically sustainable energy sources can make the difference.

“Those advocating nuclear power do not take all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle into account, such as the damage caused by uranium mining. The expansion of the Roxby Downs mine in South Australia on its own will account for a one percent increase in Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

“With less than a week to go before the Federal election, today will be an opportunity for candidates to pin their colours to the mast, and in my team there is 100% agreement that climate changes is human induced and that we need urgent action.

“Voters need assurance that they are electing candidates who base their views on science and not economic greed or religious faith.

“Tony Abbott’s latter day conversion to belief in climate change is electoral pragmatism, and comments last week by the Liberal member for Bradfield in NSW that potential for low-carbon technologies was rhetoric should give voters pause for thought.

“The Labor Party pandered too much to business in their ETS, and The Greens were useless by voting it down completely. Had the Democrats been in the parliament we would have negotiated with the Government to improve the package and get something through.

“With the Liberal Party wanting to slowly greenhouse gas us to death, the Labor Party wanting another talkfest and the Greens just blocking, Australians certainly deserve better than what they have offered. With the Democrats back in the parliament Australians can be sure that actions to deal with climate change will supported and always improved,” said Mr Churchill.

Further comment:

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats Senate candidate for the ACT

Tel: 0412 196 473

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