Media Release: 02 December: Canberrans Let Down as Humphries Toes Party Line, say Democrats


ACT Democrats President

Media Release: 02 December:

Canberrans Let Down as Humphries Toes Party Line, say Democrats

ACT Democrats President, Darren Churchill says “Canberrans have been let down by Gary Humphries toeing the Liberal Party line and opposing the CPRS legislation.”

News programmes tonight reported that Senator Humphries had voted against the CPRS legislation in the Senate today, despite having stated previously that he would cross the floor and support it.

“Here was a chance for Gary to show some guts and support an Emissions Trading Scheme. But instead he has joined with those who are opposed to Australia showing some leadership on Climate Change.”

“In a style so typical of the Liberal Party today, the Opposition has mindlessly and deliberately opposed legislation just because the other side is proposing it. This was an opportunity to get some Climate Change legislation in place and work towards improving it later. But no! Gary toed the Liberal Party line and went for political point-scoring instead.”

“The reports say Tony Abbott is not opposed to nuclear power. We certainly don’t need that sort of madness. But Gary has voted for the Liberals consideration of nuclear power by his actions today.”

“The Liberals also are complaining about the cost of the CPRS. However, respected economists such as Stern and Garnaut, as well as the UN IPCC and CSIRO have all shown that not acting will cost far more than acting now” stated Mr Churchill.

“This is why Australia so desperately needs the Australian Democrats. We know the legislation could be a lot better. But as our national president said last week: “baby steps are better than no steps at all”.”

“The Democrats have always worked to hold governments to their election promises and negotiated amendments for better outcomes for legislation. (1) The obstructionist tactics of the Liberals and the Greens are disgusting. They hint at consideration of dangerous nuclear options and don’t give a damn about the environment and climate change!” declared Mr Churchill

“If I was in their position I’d have voted for it and then worked to fine tune it once it is in place. With their approach they lose the ETS, or any substantial “green” policy for a considerable period of time as well as the obvious risk of a double dissolution with less varied representation after the election. It is a very disappointing result” Mr Churchill stated.

“The ACT Democrats have long supported establishing concrete targets for the ACT to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. But we really need national legislation on emissions trading. The Australian Democrats will continue to work toward this result and our candidates will fight for effective climate change action whenever the election is called” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill

President, Australian Democrats (ACT Division)

Tel: 0412 196 473

(1) The Australian Democrats have made a solid reputation for being the negotiators in parliament. Between 1977 and 2008, more legislation has been amended and improved in the Senate by the Australian Democrats than by any other minor political party in Australia’s history.

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