MEDIA RELEASE: 24 June 2009: Big Australian Democrats Canberra Get Together



ACT Democrats President

Big Australian Democrats “Canberra and Surrounds” Get Together to be held on Saturday June 27

The ACT Democrats will be hosting a “Canberra and Surrounds” get together event as part of the Australian Democrats rebuilding efforts.

On Saturday June 27 the ACT Democrats will be having drinks and a pub lunch at the Pot Belly Bar in Belconnen.

“It’s just an opportunity to have some fun and an excuse to get together with other Australian Democrats in our area, as well as those interested in the party, just to get to know each other and socialise.” said ACT Australian Democrats president, Darren Churchill.

“Being one year since the last Australian Democrats left the Senate, our gathering is the Canberra and district part of a weekend when Australian Democrats will be gathering all over the country to have some fun and celebrate the start of the rebuilding process.”

“This weekend there will be an Australian Democrats event in every capital city and in many other locations, as new members, old members and returning members get together with friends and supporters all over Australia.” said Mr Churchill.

Membership of the Australian Democrats has grown since the national rebuilding process began in February. New members have joined, old members returned and various organisations and donors expressed interest in the centre-line party’s revival.

”We made some mistakes in the past, nationally, and the electorate rightly punished us for it” said Mr Churchill, who last year led the team in the ACT Election (as candidate for Ginninderra) under very difficult circumstances for the Party. “What I did find though, is that it is clear there is still a lot of love for the Australian Democrats in the community.”

“There is still room for a party of the progressive centre in Australian politics. A home for those who are not conservatives, not socialists, not greens. But people who are “social liberals,” or progressives and who want to work for a better Australia, following the Australian Democrats principles of honesty, tolerance and compassion.”

The party is encouraging Canberra and district people who are interested in or curious about the Australian Democrats to go along to the event in Belconnen to meet some Australian Democrats members and find out what it is all about.

”The events that are being held as part of the Big Australian Democrats Get-Together aren’t serious meetings, they are just a bit of fun and a good excuse for party members and supporters to catch up. It just an informal get together in a pub and a good opportunity for those interested to ask questions and meet other party members.”

”On Saturday, we get together to have fun. From there we move forward to and change the nation.” Mr Churchill concluded.

The event is: Big Australian Democrats Get Together – Canberra and surrounds: Drinks and Pub Lunch

• The type of event: Drinks and pub lunch

• The location: Pot Belly Bar, Weedon Close, Belconnen

• Time and Date: Saturday 27th June, 12-2pm

• Host’s name: Darren Churchill,

• RSVP: Good but not essential. Anyone can show up

• Other details: Just some fun and an excuse to get together with other Australian Democrats in our area, as well as those interested in the party, just to get to know each other and celebrate the start of the rebuilding process.


Darren Churchill


Australian Democrats (ACT Division)

0412 196 473


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