Media Release: 22 April 2009: One Child Policy too draconian say Democrats



ACT Democrats President

One Child Policy too draconian say Democrats

ACT Australian Democrats president, Darren Churchill has described comments made by radical Green group Sustainable Population Australia as going too far.

Earlier today the president of Sustainable Population Australia, former South Australian Democrat MLC Sandra Kanck expressed the opinion of her lobby group that Australia should consider having a one-child policy to avoid “environmental suicide.”

“This is not Australian Democrats policy!” Mr Churchill declared. “We do not advocate anything that would restrict people’s freedom of choice on family matters.”

“The Australian Democrats have always advocated individual choice and we do not back away from that now. Australians are capable of intelligently determining strategies to deal with the pressures facing our environment.

“Australia does need a population policy. The pressure on our water and other natural resources is incredible. But the approach should be about education not legislation.”

“The approach of the Democrats is to support and encourage new and creative ways of dealing with the economic, social and environmental problems facing Australia.” Mr Churchill said.

“Sustainable Population Australia has every right to make comment and get discussion going. We need to look at all angles to address these problems, especially with the water crisis and climate change. Some of them will not be acceptable

“Engaging different views and giving people a say is democracy. Our decision to disagree with those we regard as wrong is democracy too.”

“The Australian Democrats strongly believe in working together to find practical solutions to all our problems without infringing the right of Australians to individual freedom of choice. Stabilisation and sustainable population can be achieved without legislating family size. Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill
ACT Democrats President
Tel: 0412 196 473

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