Bastard Watch Campaign


The Australian Democrats “Bastard Watch” campaign was launched last week.  Throw a bastard on the barbie and grill them.

In this campaign, its application seemed a perfect fit of an old slogan to a new circumstance. We don’t use the term lightly, but felt that there’s only one word to describe a man who puts big business and the logging and coal unions before the sustainability of the planet – bastard!

The award winning advertising company EURO RSCG Australia designed a witty, poignant, educational but fun campaign to cut through and apply some real pressure on Canberra. The proposed ‘Bastardwatch’ blog, interactive ‘grill a bastard’ flash game, and a roll out of online banner advertising on Climate Change in particular all fit together with the theme of ‘turning up the heat’ on those responsible for selling out Australia.

Background: Australian Democrats first federal parliamentary leader Don Chipp coined the phrase ‘keep the bastards honest’ to explain one of the party’s roles as a public watchdog in the Senate, and the phrase was used by Cheryl Kernot as the Democrats campaign slogan in the 1996 federal election.  It was also used last year by the ACT Democrats in our ACT Election campaign.

The Bastardwatch concept, blog, game and logo have been designed with award winning advertising agency EURO RSCG Australia, which also created the winning ABC Gruen Transfer advertisement promoting the Australian Democrats.

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