“We Are Still Here – And We’ve Been Busy”, say Democrats.

ACT Democrats President
Candidate for Ginninderra

“We Are Still Here – And We’ve Been Busy”, say Democrats

“We are still here and we’ve been busy during the campaign, says ACT Democrats president and Ungrouped candidate for Ginninderra, Darren Churchill

“The Democrats have been extremely active during this campaign. Greg Tannahill (Molonglo) and I have been out and about with some serious “grass-roots” campaigning. We’ve walked the streets, attended shopping centres, letterboxed, doorknocked. All the usual stuff the big parties do.”

“I’ve announced a number of our policies, which with the exception of one or two have been overlooked by the Media. But I’ll just draw people’s attention to the fact that all our policies are up on our Website: http://www.act.democrats.org.au . So, I encourage people to have a look. Our speeches are there too.” said Mr Churchill

“That’s right! The ACT Democrats have a full range of policies and they are published for people to see. That is in contrast to some of the others who we still don’t know what they stand for.”

“So, have a look. Think about the issues and consider voting for Greg Tannahill in Molonglo and Darren Churchill in Ginninderra.”

“Remember, only the Democrats are not beholden to vested interest groups. We are not in the pockets of big business, big unions, big environmental extremists or big Jim Murphy.” said Mr Churchill. “Only Greg Tannahill and Darren Churchill can guarantee to vote according to conscience on all issues.”

“We have a wide range of policies. It’s just a shame we can’t get the attention the big parties get!” Mr Churchill concluded.

Mr Churchill and Mr Tannahill are out and about in their electorates this afternoon and can be contacted for interviews or to discuss policies and election matters on 0412 196 473 (Darren Churchill) and 0400 389 343 (Greg Tannahill).

Darren Churchill
ACT Democrats President
Candidate for Ginninderra
Tel: 0412 196 473

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