Darren Churchill’s short speech and comments to Gungahlin Community Council, Meet the Candidates Event, 08 October, 2008.

Darren Churchill’s short speech and comments to Gungahlin Community Council, Meet the Candidates Event, 08 October, 2008.

Introductory 1 minute speech:


I’m Darren Churchill. I’m the president of the ACT Democrats; “Ungrouped” candidate for Giinninderra. I’m a registered relief teacher. I’ve worked over at the Gold Creek School in wonderful Nicholls. I also work at one of the gyms here in Gungahlin as a Group Fitness Instructor.

I want to work for better education, better transport, a better health system that keeps it’s professionals in the system. I want to restore accountability to the Assembly to make an effective cross-bench. That regardless of which side wins in the next Election, that we have an independent cross-bench where someone is there from the Democrats to “keep the bastards honest’ a job which we do so well.

Thank you.


We believe that every Australian deserves safe, clean, well maintained housing. The ACT Democrats believe in a strong public housing programme and an increase in crisis and emergency accommodation.

On the issue of affordable housing for purchasers, the ACT Democrats believe that it is the role of government to ensure that the land is used for all Canberrans not just for developers. So, we will abolish Stamp Duty for first home buyers, increasing their buying power relative to existing landowners. And ensure that existing development precincts include attractable low-cost housing, suitable for first home buyers. We also support multi-unit developments in a sensible measure in Town Centres where they blend in with existing development.


Yes, I agree with the idea of decentralising ACT Governments to Gungahlin. That will help get the workforce base here that creates rhe demand for private-sector businesses to come here to provide the needs for people.

Banning of Donations over $200:

No. The big parties would just find a way around it anyway. All donations should be on the public record.

Aged Care:

Look, I think we need to do something whereby Disability Services can come out and fit homes with rails, ramps and the other facilities for people as they age. I also think with aged accommodation, it’s not just enough to build the accommodation, it also needs to be adequately serviced – and access to medical services, support services and those sort of things as well. And for people staying in private homes, as they age, access to community nursing.

Traffic congestion:

Look, the simplest and most sensible way to ease traffic congestion is to improve the public transport system. And what we need is an overarching transport system that includes decent public transport, sensibly planned roads, a light rail network. And that will ease the congestion and get things happening again.


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