Media Release: 28 September 2008: ACT Democrats Release “Animal Welfare” and “Environment, Climate Change & Energy” Policies: Churchill encourages Canberrans “Try Vegetarian for a Day”

ACT Democrats President

Candidate for Ginninderra

ACT Democrats Release “Animal Welfare” and “Environment, Climate Change & Energy” Policies

Churchill encourages Canberrans “Try Vegetarian for a Day”

“The start of National Vegetarian Week is a great time for Canberrans to think about how they can help the environment and animal welfare.” urged ACT Democrats President and candidate for Ginninderra, Darren Churchill. “Try going vegetarian for a day or two and consider the benefits to animals and the environment.”

National Vegetarian Week runs from 29 September to 5 October. Mr Churchill, a vegetarian and animal welfare campaigner, has launched the Democrats “Animal Welfare” and “Environment, Climate Change & Energy” policies to coincide with the start of National Vegetarian Week.

“This is a great opportunity for people to think about how vegetarianism can reduce the carbon footprint by lowering the methane emissions from livestock production.” said Mr Churchill. “Even just one or two vegetarian meals a week can make a difference.”

The Democrats “Animal Welfare” policy includes: Support for the RSPCA and wildlife carers; support for responsible pet owners to be allowed pets in rental accommodation; fireworks education; and opposition to cruel farming practices, such as battery cages.
The Democrats “Environment, Climate Change & Energy” policy includes: implementation of energy alternatives, with the government leading by example (such as photovoltaic cells on all government buildings); energy and water efficiency ratings for properties: maintenance of Canberra’s green corridors and playing fields; requirement for government and developers to replant new areas to replace bush cleared for roads or housing.
The Democrats also advocate better water management, including: supporting the Cotter Dam enlargement; supporting the proposed Angle Crossing to Googong Dam pipeline; Providing an adequate water allocation for Canberra’s urban residents; developing measures to minimise ACT water wastage; Support research into the use of grey water reticulation for sports ground irrigation; Providing storage tanks to collect stormwater runoff for parkland irrigation; Introducing a rain water storage system for toilet flushing in new housing; encouraging the use of rainwater tanks and an in-line water filtration system for households.
“It’s time the ACT Government took it’s obligations on Climate Change seriously. We have to care for our environment if we expect it to nurture and sustain us.” said Mr Churchill. “That includes an awareness of how we treat animals.”
“I realise that not everyone is (or wants to be) vegetarian. But this week is a good opportunity to think about the effects of our lifestyles. And if it helps to draw attention to the issues of climate change and animal welfare then all the better.” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill
ACT Democrats President
Candidate for Ginninderra
Tel: 0412 196 473

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