Media Release: 03 September 2008: Government has lost the plot on Transport say Democrats!

Darren Churchill

ACT Democrats President

Candidate for Ginninderra

Government has lost the plot on Transport say Democrats!

“The Stanhope government has completely lost the plot on transport” says ACT Democrats candidate for Ginninderra, Darren Churchill.

The final plan for ACTION’s Network 08 was released today with the government hailing it as the first full review of ACTION in 10 years.

“Labor has been in office for almost seven years.  Why has it taken them six of that seven years to get around to a review of ACTION?  And it’s still not enough!  Why has it been only ACTION that was reviewed and not the whole transport system?” questioned Mr Churchill.  “This is clearly a government that is more concerned with the electoral cycle than with any comprehensive plan for transport!  This is nothing more than tinkering around the edges!”

“The Democrats have been calling for improvements to our transport system for years.  At a time of increasing threats to climate change and record high petrol prices, something needs to be done to get more people onto public transport and to ease traffic congestion.”

“We need a full and comprehensive review of transport that includes: a full bus service; integration with other forms of transport; extension of the Gold Card system to all Seniors; proper planning of roadways with a view to the future; and immediate investigation of light-rail proposals.” Insisted Mr Churchill

“People will use a system that is serviceable and functional.  We need a public transport system that caters for all (commuters and other users).  It’s just not good enough!”

“The best way to cut the petrol bill is to use alternative forms of transport to motor vehicles.  It will not only save money but reduce greenhouse emissions.  But in order for people to use them they have to be adequately provided.  How high does the price of petrol have to go before the government does something about the alternatives? demanded Mr Churchill

Darren Churchill

ACT Democrats President

Candidate for Ginninderra

Tel: 0412 196 473


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