Media Release: 11 June 2008: ACT Democrats Repeat Call for Power Station Review

ACT DEMOCRATS 11 June 2008

ACT Democrats Repeat Call for Power Station Review

The ACT Democrats have again called for a review of the proposed gas-fired power station planned for Tuggeranong.

“With questions over whether or not the Chief Minister’s Department was involved in selecting the site and suggestions the Budget Estimates Committee had been misled over the involvement, it’s time to get to the bottom of the matter”, said ACT Democrats President, Darren Churchill. “The whole project should be put on hold while an inquiry is conducted, alongside an Environmental Impact Assessment and a review of the Territory’s energy supply options.”

ABC news reported today that two officials of the Chief Minister’s Department had misled an ACT Government Estimates Committee over the involvement of the Department in selecting the site for the proposed power station.

“It is inappropriate to proceed with the development before clearing up the questions over the processes involved in selecting the site” Mr Churchill said. “Only an inquiry will determine whether the decision was made in an appropriate manner.”

“I’d still like to see a proper Environmental Impact Assessment and a review of our energy needs as well. We need to question the suitability of proposed sites, alternatives and whether the ACT’s energy needs are best met by the proposed power station or if there might be a way of including green energy alternatives.”

“The ACT Democrats would like to see a long-term view taken on energy. We’d like to see greater use of energy alternatives such as photovoltaic cells and more attention given to environmental concerns including greenhouse targets. With such questions hanging over the accountability of the decision making processes, it’s time to re-examine the whole proposal” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill
ACT Democrats President
Tel: 0412 196 473

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