Media Release 28 May 2008: Budget Mailout a Waste of Money say Democrats


Budget Mailout a Waste of Money say Democrats

“The Stanhope government has embarked on a massive self-publicity campaign!” claims ACT Democrats President, Darren Churchill.

ABC News reported yesterday of a massive $35,000 of ACT ratepayers money being spent on a mail-out in an attempt to ‘sell its latest budget to Canberrans.’

“This letterbox campaign has a distinctly familiar feel to it” Mr Churchill said. “The Stanhope Labor government here in the ACT is using ratepayers money to promote it’s own polices, just like the former Howard government did with taxpayers money last year.”

“Isn’t it strange how one majority government behaves in exactly the same way as another did (also in an election year) when it knows that it is on the nose? Surely this money could have been better spent on services in Canberra?” queried Mr Churchill.

“We have schools being forced to close, a bus network that needs upgrading and a water supply system that come summer will be stretched to the limit again. And Mr Stanhope neglects all of that, preferring to spend our money on a publicity stunt. What a waste!

“The Democrats call for greater accountability. We’ll use our numbers, if elected in October, to ensure that the government of the day is accountable. We will make sure that whoever forms the government is kept honest!” declared Mr Churchill

Darren Churchill
ACT Democrats President
Tel: 0412 196 473

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