MEDIA RELEASE 27 May 2008: ACT Democrats call for ACT Energy Review


ACT Democrats call for ACT Energy Review

“The proposed gas-fired power station in Tuggeranong should be put on hold until a full review of the Territory’s energy needs is conducted.” According to ACT Democrats President, Darren Churchill.

The plans for the proposed power station to be built by an ACTEWAGL-led consortium were today scaled down in response to opposition from Tuggeranong residents.

Mr Churchill said, “The government hasn’t really thought this through. Clearly there is a need to completely review the energy situation in the ACT. This includes a full Environmental Impact Assessment, consideration of green energy alternatives (especially photovoltaic cells), and location and type of proposed power generation plants.”

“The Democrats would like to see the government honour it’s previous commitment to move towards 100% green power for government use by 2012.  And to investigate ways to extend this to the wider community.”
“We would like to see an energy review include the possibility of photovoltaic cells being installed on all government buildings with the surplus energy generated being fed back into the electricity grid. This could also include consideration of the Private Members Bill currently tabled before the assembly, to allow people with photovoltaic cells on their house to sell surplus power back to the grid.”

The ACT Democrats have been calling for measures to reduce the environmental impacts of energy consumption in the ACT for many years, and proposed sustainable energy generation within the ACT in 2004.  Proposals have included the installation of photovoltaic cells and mini-hydroelectric generators built into the water network.

“The Democrats have been calling for a major rethink on ACT energy for a long time.  Canberra (indeed the whole country) is a lot more environmentally aware now than we were four years ago. It’s time to reconsider these things in the light of our current understandings and concerns.”

“Now is the time for a review of our energy needs, which should include how the Territory is meeting its greenhouse targets.” Mr Churchill concluded.

Darren Churchill

ACT Democrats President

Tel: 0412 196 473

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