Media Release: 22 November: Industrial Relations is about Balance say Democrats

Bring Back Balance

ACT Democrats 2007

Media Release 22 November 2007

Industrial Relations is about Balance say Democrats

“It’s extremely important to have balance and common sense in relation to the reform of WorkChoices.” says Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill.

With Worchoices likely to be a key player for the minds of voters in Saturday’s Federal election, the Democrats are urging voters to think about their track record on negotiating fair outcomes when going to the polls.

“The Liberals have imposed the unfair, pro-business WorkChoices on workers. Labor and the Greens would have things too far the other way, giving everything to the unions. Both of them are unbalanced” Mr Churchill said.

“What the Democrats are proposing is a system that protects workers rights without unfairly impeding business. It’s about balance – getting the mix right.”

“We propose a single national Industrial relations system; an independent national Industrial Relations Commission; a national Workplace Regulator: a safety net for wages, minimum conditions, and streamlined awards; flexible bargaining with choices; the right to join or not join a union and to have them represent you.”

“If Labor wins on Saturday, they will face problems from the Greens who are extremist and not skilled at negotiating. The Democrats, on the other hand, negotiated 176 amendments to the 1996 Workplace Relations Act. We made it fairer. We have negotiated fairness into many pieces of legislation.” said Mr Churchill

“The negotiation record of the Democrats is second-to-none. We are the true party of balance in the Senate. And I will uphold that tradition in the House of Representatives too, if elected on Saturday.”

“Just as a good trade unionist know how to negotiate. So too does a good crossbencher with the balance of power.” Mr Churchill concluded.


Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

0412 196 473

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