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Migration Act needs to be changed: Democrats candidate

Posted Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:29pm AEDT

Democrats candidate for the seat of Fraser Darren Churchill says if elected, he will push for change to the country’s refugee detention laws.

Mr Churchill says recent coverage by the ABC’s Lateline program on Vietnamese man Tony Tran, who was detained in 1999 despite having a visa, shows the impact of the laws on the mental health of detainees.

He says it is time the Migration Act was changed.

“I’ll introduce the same amendments that the Democrats Senators have introduced in the Senate,” he said.

“And try to get the whole matter debated in the House of Representatives and by hopefully introducing what would basically be a private members bill, I’ll be able to get things changed.”

(This is a copy of an item that was posted on the ABC News website:

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