Media Release: 14-11-2007: Time for Action on Refugee Rights


Media Release 14 November 2007
Time for Action on Refugee Rights

“Mandatory detention is cruel, heartless and totally lacking in common sense and compassion!” declared Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill.

The last two nights, the ABC programme Lateline has reported at length the wrongful detention of Vietnamese man, Tony Tran. Mr Tran’s physical and mental health has suffered as a result of being wrongfully imprisoned in a detention centre in 1999, despite having a visa.

“It’s time to close the barbaric and inhumane detention centres and remove mandatory detention from the Migration Act.”

“Cases like Mr Tran and Cornelia Rau are clearly not isolated incidents. It is offensive to any concept of human decency, that in a society claiming to be civilised we continue to gaol people who are totally innocent. Human beings (including children) are being locked up, under the Migration Act, for nothing short of political expediency”, said Mr Churchill

Mr Churchill called for an end to the practice and a return to the values of compassion and tolerance.

“We urgently need legislation which protects the rights of all who live in Australia and all who seek a better life in Australia”

“It is cruel, heartless, and totally lacking in any concept of intelligence and compassion that basic human rights are ignored by the Migration Act. It’s time to pay proper attention to human rights” concluded Mr Churchill.

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

0412 196 473

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