Media Release 13-11-07: Anti-Terror Laws Need Urgent Overhaul

Media Release 13 November 2007

Anti-Terror Laws Need Urgent Overhaul


Basic rights are being eroded under anti-terror laws claims Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill.

National Nine and ABC News tonight detailed a report of a case in Sydney, where Judge Michael Adams had rule that ASIO officers had falsely imprisoned and used “oppressive conduct” in interrogating a medical student Izhar Ul-Haque

Mr Churchill, who last week addressed The Justice Project “Human Rights Forum” at Dickson College on the topic of accountability and human rights in the face of increased anti-terror laws, tonight echoed the Australian Council for Civil Liberties belief that “the judge’s findings indicated serious problems with the way ASIO operated.”

The court has shown the ridiculous “power creep” that has happened under the anti-terror laws introduced by the government and supported by the opposition.

It’s a question of accountability. And the court has shown that our enforcement agencies are becoming ‘overenthusiastic’ and indeed are overstepping the mark.

The fact that agencies such as ASIO and the police are there to protect us should not exclude them from scrutiny and accountability” Mr Churchill said.

“The treatment of Mr Ul-Haque is abhorrent and totally outside the principles of a civilized society. I welcome the court’s decision in upholding the principle of a person’s basic legal rights as a citizen. We need accountability and need to make sure our laws uphold the freedoms they set out to protect.” stated Mr Churchill.

Mr Churchill called for a complete review of anti-terror laws to include safeguards to protect the privacy and legal rights of citizens, as a matter of urgency.

Darren Churchill

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser

0412 196 473

(Link to Australian Democrats “Human Rights Policy”:

(Link to Senator Stott Despoja’s “Human Rights Media Release”: )

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