Democrats candidate wants Bill of Rights: 25-10-07

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ACT Democrats Media Release 25 October 2007

Democrats candidate wants Bill of Rights

Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, Darren Churchill said today,”It’s time for action on National Human Rights legislation (a Bill of Rights).

This afternoon, Kurt Esser from The Justice Project was interviewed on ABC Local Radio urging local politicians to act on Human Rights.

The Justice Project is a national project that includes noted human rights advocates Julian Burnside QC and former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (who today also again advocated a Bill of Rights).

“Both the ACT and Victoria have Human Rights legislation. But we really need national legislation on this issue,” Mr Churchill said.

The Democrats have long campaigned for an Australian Bill of Rights and will introduce new legislation to that effect after the election.

“Australia’s law enforcement agencies have had their powers increased in the name of protecting our freedoms from terrorists. But these increased powers have no accountability to the courts. Nor do they guarantee protection from torture or privacy violations for Australians at home or abroad.

Introducing a Human Rights Act would be the first step towards setting down clear guidelines for the treatment of our citizens and residents and it will be my first act if elected. Ultimately, the idea would be to have the legislation enshrined in the Constitution.” said Mr Churchill

Darren Churchill
Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser
0412 196 473


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