Media Release – Goulburn Post 18-10-07

ACT Democrats announce candidate for the electorate of Fraser

Former Goulburn man, Darren Churchill, has been endorsed as the Australian Democrats candidate for Fraser, ACT. The electorate neighbours Goulburn’s electorate of Hume to the south.

Originally from Goulburn, Mr Churchill, 43, now lives in Kaleen where he works part time as a Boxfit instructor.

As an Anglican, in the liberal-catholic tradition, Mr Churchill has strong views on human rights, equality, social justice and inclusiveness. Mr Churchill is a vegetarian and is greatly concerned about animal welfare and labelling of food.

Mr Churchill is a strong opponent of an ID Card and is concerned about the erosion of our freedoms in recent times.

Now, more than ever, a strong voice of the progressive centre is needed in Australian politics. Someone who will fight for what is right and provide a balanced approach in the parliament.

The Australian Democrats are a party that does offer balance and sensible approach, and isn’t answerable to the interest groups of big business, big unions or other powerful lobbyists with a particular agenda. The evenhanded, fair approach of the Democrats is a great attraction to me.

Our poor country is hurting from the divisive politics of exclusion and fear.

People are rightly suspicious of the government’s treatment of asylum seekers and other migrants. They are rightly suspicious of the politics of exclusion practiced against people who don’t fit some imagined idea of normality in relation to race, religion or gender. And they are rightly suspicious of increased powers of surveillance and law enforcement in the name of freedom and without accountability or explanation.

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