Media Release: 23rd July, 2010: We’re here and we’re campaigning!

Media Release: 23rd July, 2010

We’re here and we’re campaigning!

The Australian Democrats have chosen their lead Senate candidates in Victoria and South Australia to be their principal spokespersons for the party in the Federal election.

They are Roger Howe who leads the Victorian Senate team and is a software engineering manager, and Jeanie Walker, who leads the South Australian Senate team and is an Aboriginal youth support worker, qualified chef and well-known animal rights activist.

“As the progressive centre of politics, the party intends to field Senate candidates in every state and territory, plus some House of Representatives candidates” said Ms Walker.

“Australia has been sold short since Democrat representation ended in the Senate. Had the Democrats been there when the legislation was being debated, Australia would have had an emissions trading scheme in place by now.”

“We have a proud tradition of working with governments to improve legislation rather than blocking” said Mr Howe.

“We have been rebuilding the party over the past three years, have increasing membership numbers and growing enthusiasm.

“We will be campaigning in this election on the major issues of climate change and energy, education, population and asylum seekers, infrastructure and water, health and taxation.

“In the coming weeks we will be releasing our action plans on these and many more issues” said Mr Howe.

Further comment:

Roger Howe ph.0431 527 845

Jeanie Walker ph. 0427 076336

Darren Churchill ph. 0412 196 473

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